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Welcome Back to the Library!

Here are our current COVID-19 Guidelines

to Keep Staff and Patrons Safe

Ways to Be Safe While at the Library


* Stay at least 6' away from others

* Wear your mask (It's the law!)

* Use hand sanitizer

* Wash your hands frequently

* Stay behind the barriers while at our service desks

* Get what you need and leave (Sorry. We really hate this one!)

* Try not to touch anything unnecessarily

* If you're sick (or even think you are) STAY HOME!!!

Things We Usually Do at the Library...But Can't Do Now

* Have fun programs

* Spend time at the library in comfy chairs

* Play with toys or do puzzles

* Have a drink at the water fountain

* Read magazines or newspapers at the library

* Get closer than 6' to other people

* Spend more than 30 minutes on a computer

* Get in-person technology help

Computer Usage

* You may walk in and use a computer, if one is available, or you may make a reservation for a specific time and date with the Reference librarian, either in person or by phone.

* Computers are assigned on a first-come/first-served basis

* Computers are limited to 30 minute sessions

* If you would like to print, you must put your money into the coin/bill machine only.

* We are unable to assist you by making change or assisting you with technology in person (but we can try and help you remotely)

Money, Money, Money

* We are not handling cash at this time

* There will be no fines on any items returned after their due dates starting with any items that were taken out just before we closed in March. This is not permanent though, so please bring back your items so others can enjoy them.

* We will not be collecting payments for previously owed fines or damaged/lost items in the library. You can pay these amounts online. Ask us how.

* We cannot make change for the copier machine at the desk. Please use the coin box for all printing payments. It can make change for you.

* If you would like to buy books from the Friends of the Library Book Sale, please see someone at the Circulation Desk. They will have a box for you to put your payment in. We cannot make change at this time. You can also make a donation to the Friends in this box.

Book Quarantine

* When you return your items in our book drop (only the outside one is available at this time), they will be placed in quarantine for at least 72 hours before they can be checked in. According to studies done on the virus that causes COVID-19, the virus cannot survive on surfaces beyond that. This means that when you return an item, it will not be checked in until after the quarantine period. We are also doing this with the items that come in via delivery. If an item you requested has arrived, it will not be ready for you to pick up until after the quarantine period as well. Don't worry; when you receive your notice to pick up your item, it will be ready.

Note: Although you many enter the library from either entrance, please stop by the large bulletin board near the north entrance (opposite the Old Town Hall). There is important information at that entrance we would like you to see.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

When Requesting Museum Passes

Please Note:

Museum venues have special instructions. Pease be sure to click the blue bar with the museum's title for COVID-related instructions. 

Ancestry Library Edition

Now Available for a Limited Time!

Due to the pandemic, Ancestry is allowing patrons access to the Library Edition of Ancestry from home. Click the link below, type in your Somerset Public Library barcode and PIN and research your family history from your easy chair!


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