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Diane White-
Library Director

Lisa Kelly
Head of Children's Department


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Need help deciding what to read next?  Check out these age appropriate and topical suggestions.

Library Card

Smiling Girl with Book

Children can sign up for their very own library card and collect a small prize from the children's department.

  • Must be at least 4 years old   
  • Must have a legal guardian with an active library card 

Take a photo tour of our children's department.

Wish we carried a certain book or series? 
Let us know.
We love suggestions!


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Check out our
for fun coloring pages, craft ideas, games and printouts!

Meet the mascot of our children's department.

Alfred the Alligator

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Would you like to learn more about Alfred?

Programs, Story times and Special Events



Songs and Stories

Sing along with Miss Lisa

Did you know that you can take home more than books and movies from the library?
STEM Kits, Stuff Library Items, Toniebox and Tonies, Interactive Movie Kits, 
Theme Boxes, Wonderbooks and Launchpads.


What kind of kits do we offer?

farm kit.jpg

Theme Boxes

Materials and activity suggestions based on classroom themes.


Materials and suggestions for hands on STEM challenges.

Toniebox and Tonies

Screen free digital listening device that connects to characters with prerecorded stories and songs.

Interactive Movie Kits

Props and suggested moves and activities to do while watching some of our favorite movies.


Print books with a ready-to-play audiobook inside.


Pre-loaded tablets with collections of learning apps and videos grouped by age.

How to use and borrow kits from the library.

Kits are now kept in a secure place so that we can better care for them and their many pieces.  If you would like to use a kit while at the library, you will need to check the kit out on your card while it is in use. 

Individual passes for every available kit are now hanging in the children's department in our kit chart. Remove the pass for the kit that you would like to take home and hand it to a staff member.  The staff member will then bring you the kit you wish to take home.  It is that easy!

We have lots of crafts and coloring at the library!



Bring your child to the library on their birthday and get a special certificate and a free book!   (See children's librarian for more details)

Fox with Balloons
Looking for popular series, titles or characters in our collection? Please visit the link above to see what is available within our catalog.
Antique Books
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Click to learn about our special upcoming programs and events!

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