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Biography (Gale in Context)

Gale in Context_Biography.png

With Gale In Context: Biography users can browse to find people based on occupation, role, or historical period, or search based on name, occupation, nationality, ethnicity, birth/death dates and places, or gender, as well as by keyword and full text. This resource offers more than 600,000 biographical entries covering international figures from all time periods and areas of study. Reference content is offered alongside videos, audio selections, images, primary sources, and magazine and journal articles from hundreds of major periodicals and newspapers. 

Britannica Moderna

B_moderna1 (1).jpg

Britannica Moderna: Older students can turn to Britannica Moderna, with more than 47,000 articles plus about 8,000 images. Complete with a dictionary and atlas, Moderna’s new features now make it more valuable than ever for native Spanish speakers, bilingual students, and students learning Spanish.

Britannica School

Britannica School.png

Britannica School offers a safe, up-to-date, and age-appropriate information resource for Elementary, Middle, and High School. Here, students can discover encyclopedia articles, multimedia, primary sources, games, and other learning resources.

DMV Permit Test


With DMV Permit Test, you'll have access to the following information specific to your state:

  • 11 car practice tests

  • 9 motorcycle practice tests

  • 10 commercial vehicle practice tests

  • 3 online driving manuals for car, motorcycle, and commercial driver license (CDL)

  • FAQ section with detailed answers to over 100 DMV-related questions

 ePermit Tests
(DMV Practice Tests)

Practice Tests 1.png

ePermit Tests: DMV Practice Tests is a collection of DMV quizzes and tests, including several full-length tests, a DMV practice test signs quiz, a traffic signals test, and a quiz that targets alcohol awareness issues.

 ePermit Tests
(Drivers Education)

Drivers Ed 1.png

ePermit Tests: Drivers Education is a driver’s education program that covers all mandatory traffic laws.

Gale Academic OneFile

Gale Academic OneFile.jpg

Gale Academic OneFile provides millions of articles from over 17,000 scholarly journals and other authoritative sources—including thousands of podcasts and transcripts from NPR and CNN as well as videos from BBC Worldwide Learning.

Global Issues (Gale in Context)

Gale in Context_Global Issues.jpg

Gale In Context: Global Issues allows users to explore issues within government, law, health, science and technology, society and culture, and more. It integrates news, global viewpoints, reference materials, country information, primary source documents, videos, statistics, and more. Global Issues is updated daily and offers 250 country pages and more than 400 issue pages. It also provides guidance on significant topics like Food Security, Genocide, Human Rights, Extreme Weather, and more. resources.

High School (Gale OneFile)

Gale OneFile_High School Edition.png

Gale OneFile: High School Edition is designed for middle- and high-school students and provides access to age-appropriate, authoritative digital content for classroom assignments. Learners can research magazines, journals, newspapers, and reference books covering a wide range of subjects, from science, history, and literature to political science, sports, and environmental studies. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy.png

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Our math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps.

Literature Resource Center (Gale)

Gale Resource Literature Center.png

Gale Literature Resource Center provides researchers with unbounding literary resources to support their literary responses, literary analysis, and thesis statements. Users can find up-to-date analysis, biographical information, overviews, full-text literary criticism, and reviews on more than 130,000 writers in all disciplines, from all time periods, and from around the world. Topics include: literature, history, arts, gender studies, and cultural studies.

Opposing Viewpoints

(Gale in Context)

Gale in Context_Opposing Viewpoints.jpeg

Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints covers today's hottest social issues, from capital punishment to immigration to marijuana. It supports science, social studies, current events, and language arts classes. This is an excellent resource for debaters and includes viewpoints, reference articles, infographics, news, images, video, audio, and more. 

Peterson's Test Prep

Petersons test prep.jpg

Peterson's Test Prep Peterson's reaches millions of consumers annually with information about colleges and universities, career schools, graduate programs, distance learning, executive training, study abroad, financial aid, test preparation, and career exploration. 

ProQuest Science


With a large and growing set of ongoing full text from publishers such as Nature Publishing Group, Springer, Cambridge University Press, the ProQuest Science Database supports the needs of students studying applied and general sciences. It is a growing resource of 7.3 million full text articles from over 1,600 sources. In full-text format, researchers have access to all the charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, photos, and other graphical elements so vital to scientific and engineering literature.

Science (Gale Interactive)

Gale Interactive Science.jpg

Science: Gale Interactive:  Science comes to life as you zoom, rotate, and explore interactive 3D models. View related reference articles and search Gale content to find more information.

U.S. History (Gale in Context)

Gale in Context_U.S. History.jpg

Gale In Context: U.S. History covers topics that range from the arrival of Vikings in North America all to the way to the first stirrings of the American Revolution and on through the Civil Rights movement, 9/11, and the War on Terror.

This resource offers news and periodical articles as well as 5,500 rare and vital primary source documents that range from slave journals to presidential papers. 

Vocations and Careers

(Gale OneFile)

Gale OneFile_Vocations and Careers.png

OneFile: Vocations and Careers provides access to journals and magazines that aid users in researching a vocation, finding an appropriate institution of learning, job searching, and maintaining a career. The database offers hundreds of current and applicable periodicals, from general career guides to highly specialized industry journals.

World History

World History_Gale in Context.jpg

Gale In Context: World History reaches back to the ancient world—and forward to today's headlines—to deliver a chronicle of the people, cultures, events, and societies that have formed the history of the human race. A range of topics such as Aztecs, Industrial Revolution, Silk Road, the Buddha, Space Race, and more provide a wide perspective across the globe. Rare primary sources, reliable reference, and multimedia content are available. 

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