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Dragon banner.png

Register as a summer reader and earn
Creature Keeper Quest Cards!

Complete one hour of reading and receive a complete set of dragon themed cards from the library's very own Creature Keeper Quest game! Each set includes a dragon egg, a child dragon and an adult dragon of the same theme.


We are changing things up this year!

Summer Readers are asked to complete 10 hours of reading by August 15th.  When you complete 10 hours of reading, you receive a free book and two tickets for our toy raffle.  You can also add your name to our wall of readers! You should have 30 cards at this point and you will be ready to start playing card games! For those who wish to continue collecting dragon sets...keep tracking your reading!  We have 50 different dragon sets to collect!  For every additional five hours of reading that you complete, you can collect another ticket for our toy raffle.

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  If you are a real book dragon and wish to read more than 50 hours... you can collect our special edition cards.  Each themed dragon set has a bonus teenage card!   For each hour of reading above 50 hours, you can collect one bonus teenage card from your previously collected sets.  Bonus cards will be earned in the same order as the first 50 sets. 

  If you make it to 100 hours, you have earned the entire collection of dragon cards from our Creature Keeper Quest game.  Congratulations!  Stay tuned for next year when we will be collecting griffin card sets!

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Check out this informative
summer reading video!
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  Where's Waldo Dragon? If you are taking a book home from the library, a librarian just might tuck a Waldo card into your book before you leave! Check those books when you get home! 

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*We no longer have access to the Beanstalk tracking program as we did in previous years.  We have decided to not do competative reading this year.  We hope that these new reading incentives will have you inspired!

*We have also decided to not do beginner readers this year as there is no longer any safety concerns regarding beads.  We feel that even our smallest readers will enjoy collecting the many different colorful characters!


Registration begins on June 17th 2023.  You can register one of two ways...

*Attend our kick off event and sign up at our registration table. (More information below.)
*Stop by the library any day after June 17th and sign up.


2023 Toy Raffle Prizes. 
Redeem a raffle ticket for every five hours of reading you track throughout the summer.  Each toy will have its own raffle box so you that can use your tickets for whichever prize you prefer. 
Raffle will be held on 8/15/23 at 4:00 at the library.  Tickets must be turned in by 8/14/23.  You do not have to be present at the raffle to win a prize.  All winners will be contacted.

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For every hour of reading you complete, you can collect a new set of dragons with a different theme.  See? 

 Dragon sets will be earned in a predetermined specific order.  Please do not request sets out of order. 


Coloring pages   
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Color your own dragon card  
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Card game instructions  
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Summer Events...


Book Suggestions

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