Alfred's Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Have some fun with us and participate in this holiday themed town scavenger hunt!

What are we looking for?  We are looking to find the answer to this question:

What always reminds Alfred of the holidays?

How do we find the answer? We have hidden ten yard signs all throughout our town of Somerset.  On each sign you will find one letter clue.  Collect all ten letter clues and unscramble them to find the answer. 

Where will the signs be hidden? The signs will only be hidden in the front yards of public Somerset buildings. See our road guide to find out which streets the signs are hiding on.

When can we participate in the scavenger hunt?  Signs will be displayed for the month of December.

Why should we participate in this scavenger hunt? To have fun of course! This is a safe and socially distanced activity to enjoy.  Bring in your completed scavenger hunt sheet and you can also collect a small prize! (12 and under)

Print out this scavenger hunt guide or pick one up at the library.