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Services for Educators

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Dear Educators: 

The Somerset Public Library serves the entire Somerset community, including the student population of our schools.  It is our endeavor to supplement and enhance the collections of the public school libraries.  Through increased cooperation among all Somerset libraries, school and public, we strive to better our collections and resources for optimal information management and sharing.  We welcome your comments and suggestions and look forward to your continued use and support.

We encourage teachers and staff to contact us regarding assignments, programs, research, or any library matter that will help you with your classroom or with your student activities or preparation.



The staff of the Somerset Public Library

What you can do for us... 

If you email or call us prior to a class assignment, we can put materials (books and articles) on reserve for your students.  This will give equal access to all students to comprehensive materials and research.  As a library patron you have access to over forty libraries and one million items in the SAILS network.  In addition, we have statewide access to materials.  

Encourage your students to use their Public Library.

 Please note: the Somerset Public Library's Teacher Card Policy can be found here.

Services offered by the Somerset Public Library

  • School visits by librarians

  • Librarians can attend In-service for staff meetings, PTO meetings, or other events

  • We can conduct library orientation classes at the library or in your classroom

  • Readers’ Advisory Services (such as summer reading list suggestions)

  • Story hours

  • Reserve collections for homework or research assignments 

  • Kids Cat – part of our online public access database

  • Educational videos

  • Enterprise -- Advanced searching how-to for the public access catalog

  • Database access including professional material for students and/or for assignments.

  • Internet access (for teachers and students)

  • Teachers Cards

  • Word Processing

  • Assistive technology

  • Meeting room space for tutoring or meetings (computers available for student use)  

  • Display cases and areas to display student work 

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