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     This activity is open to the public. The library cannot supervise every participant and cannot be held responsible for the materials inside the geocaches.  While we hope that the public will respect this activity, there is the possibility that geocaches may-



*be stolen or missing
*be returned to the wrong spot
*be left empty
*contain inappropriate material
*contain edible treats


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Geocaching 2022

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What is geocaching?

   Geocaching is a modern day version of treasure hunting.  Geocaches are small treasure containers that are hidden in public spaces.  Through the use of geocaching apps and websites, you can hunt down these small treasures in locations all over the world!  
    The Somerset Public Library would like to engage you in our own town wide treasure hunt! These geocaches will be hidden in public spaces in Somerset only.  As a safety precaution, we will not be broadcasting our geocache locations on any apps and geocaching websites.  

How do I participate?

      Click on the coordinate map below and print.  Enter the coordinates of each location into Google Maps.  The coordinates will take you to a public space in town.  Once you have reached your destination, follow the clues to the general area of the geocache.  
       If you would prefer to skip the coordinates, you can print the geocaching locations by address instead.

I found a geocache... what do I do next?

     When you find a geocache, there should be a small prize hidden inside in addition to a geocaching log.  Sign your name on the log and then put it back into the container for the next treasure hunter.  It is fun to see how many people have participated.
     Next, remove the treat from inside the container and keep found your treasure! Check off the boxes on your printout as you find each geocache. 
     Lastly, PLEASE put a replacement treat inside the container for the next treasure hunter to find.


    Please help us keep this activity safe and appropriate. If you find inappropriate material inside a geocache, please remove the material OR remove the geocache and return it to the library. If a geocache is missing, please notify the library so that we can replace it.

Do's and don'ts of geocache treats

Please do not put any of the following items in geocache containers.

-anything edible
-any hygiene products (lotion, chapstick, etc...)
-any liquids (bubbles)


We have decided to permanetly remove the South Complex geocache. Unfortunetly, this geocache has been stolen twice in under a week. This leads us to believe that this particular geocache location will continue to be a struggle due to heavy foot traffic.

Please let us know if you notice any other geocaches missing.

Geocaching printouts are also available at the library.

Here are some great ideas for geocaching treasures.
-temporary tattoos
-string bracelets
-trading stones
-a small coloring picture
-a picture you drew


What should I bring with me?

Wood Pencil and Notebook

-A bag for collecting treasure

-Treats to put inside the geocaches

-Pen/pencil to sign the geocache log

-Phone to take pictures and search coordinates

-Coordinate/clue printout

-Water/snacks/sun lotion/bug spray

Printable clues and coordinates

The Somerset Public Library geocaches look like this...

Click and print

address locations.jpg
geo 3.jpg
geo 2.jpg
geo 4.jpg

size reference

Click and print

geo 1.jpg
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